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Peter Williams

CEO of Advantec Associates Inc., Peter has over thirty years experience in the animal feed and agriculture industries in countries across the World including New Zealand, Australia, the UK and mainland Europe. He has worked in roles ranging from the New Zealand Ministry of Agriculture, Agricultural Photo-Journalist, Feed and Crop Sales, Feed and Crop Marketing, Animal Nutrition, Sales and General management. The experience and contacts developed over this period have offered a unique opportunity to identify companies and products that are very successful elsewhere in the World and offer real opportunities for dairy, beef, swine and poultry producers in the United States.


Advantec Associates, Inc., works with the Agolin range of products for Dairy, Beef, Swine and Poutry.

Feedworks USA Logos 8-22-12

Feedworks USA Ltd., of which Peter is a partner, handles Calmin, ETX‐5 and VistaPre-T.


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